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Ko’olau’s Secret


From July 6th through the 8th

The Koʻolau mountain range on the island with Kyleigh Flanagan will get your pulse racing. Christian Romance Suspense...mystery & laughter. Edge of your seat suspense, characters you’ll love,

& maybe one or two you’ll love to hate.

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Free Christian Books and More

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Our 5th Annual Summer Reading Contest is back!


First off: If you ever have any questions about the Summer Reading Contest, don’t hesitate to drop me a private message or hop on one of my posts. I’ll, of course, be in and out since it’s summer and I’ll be working as a chauffer for a teen and soon-to-be kindergartener, but I will do my best to answer questions in a timely manner.

This is a pretty long post, but it's got a lot of important information. 


Read books! After you've finished a book, post a comment in the group using the hashtag #fcbmsummerreading ("Free Christian Books & More Summer Reading") about the book you read. And boom! You've earned an entry into the Grand Prize Cash Giveaway! (Posts will appear after admin approval to make sure entries are properly attributed and our hosts get their due focus.)

While you're online posting about the books you have read, consider leaving the author a review at the site where you picked the book up. The authors will love you for it, even if you didn't like the book. Don't worry about leaving an “bad” review, reviews that sting still help us. (Leaving a review will not affect your contest entries.)


On September 2, 2024 we will hold the prize drawing (my kids will be pulling names out of a bucket). The Grand Prize Cash Giveaway is $100 USD, and Second Prize will be $50 USD and third will be $25 USD in the form of PayPal cash or Amazon gift card. (If we have enough Promoted Authors sign up, we will be able to offer bigger cash prizes or even an Extra Special Secret Prize if we can get 30 authors--only 8 more!) We will also have a couple of additional drawings throughout the summer, so make sure you are getting all of the notifications from the group!


Whatever books you would like! For every book you read and post a comment here about with the #fcbmsummerreading hashtag, you will earn one entry into the drawing at the end of the summer.

Doesn't matter what it is. Fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, individual books of the Bible (yes, even Obadiah and 3 John). paper books, eBooks, audiobooks? It doesn't matter! Paid for, free downloads, ARCs, library check out, or KindleUnlimited/Prime Reading download, they all count (we're not really fans of pirates unless they're in an historical fiction). If you read a picture book to your kids or grandkids, post about it. Reading a book for book discussion group at church? Post about it.

You are officially entered to win if you post with that hashtag once you're done with the book. (Fine print: Featured Authors and Admins can, and are encouraged to, post about books they read, but are not eligible for the cash prizes.)

Know that I have very eclectic Kindle and Audible libraries. When I say any book counts, I mean it. I won’t judge your book choices. Obviously, I and the other authors you’ll hear from this summer would love it if everyone only read the featured books and authors (and you’d get a LOT of entries into the contest), but we all know that not everyone has the more than $100 to spend on all the Featured Books. While I may choose not to post a contest entry on the main group page (since we admins do try to monitor and curate the books we promote, even tangentially), I promise that any book you finish between today and September 1 will earn you an entry into the contest, and your name will go on a ticket that my little helper could pull at the end of the summer.

For every Featured Book (listed below) that you read, though, you earn 10 entries per book! And for every other book written by a Featured Author (including anthologies where they are featured), you earn 5 entries per book.


A number of authors have thrown a few bucks into the prize pot to help pay for our Grand Prize Cash Giveaway. To say thank you, we at FCB&M are giving you extra incentive to read their books. Each book of theirs earns you extra entries into the Grand Prize Cash Giveaway at the end of the summer. Many of these books are available to read for free on KindleUnlimited (marked by a (KU) on the list below) as well.

There are links to all the featured books in the first comment to this post. Make sure to check this post often as we add more promoted books.


Adira Lynne Modranski

Amish Shadows Jenny Moews (Jen Gentry)

Advent with a Mountain Top View Lynne Modranski

Broken Spirit Sheridan Lee

A Child for Christmas Marisa Masterson

A Christmas Prayer Dionne Grace

Dancing in the Silence Linda Sammaritan (Linda Geib Samaritoni)

Flash R.M. Strong

The Gift of Knoweledge Jen Gentry

Good Tidings: A Christmas Anthology Linda Sammaritan (Linda Geib Samaritoni)

A Highland Second Chance Christmas Jen Gentry

Icicles to Moonbeams: Christmas Eve Blessings Sharon K Connell

The Innocent for the Guilty Sandi Rebert

Maid for Martin Samantha Lovern (Samantha Fury)

Marks on the Wall Lynne Modranski

Moonstone Secrets Dawn V Cahill

Muldoon’s Misfortunes E.V. Sparrow (Erin Bambery-Veliquette)

Patient Love Sara Farabee (Rikki Strong)

The Prayer Warrior Traci Wooden-Carlisle

Protecting Zoe Mishael Austin Witty

Redemption's Promise Sandi Rebert

Remembered Lives Anna Jensen

Seeking Simon Susan Sloan

Shades of Autumn Caroline Johnston

Shadows of Things to Come Mishael Austin Witty

Starry Starry Night (New Release) DK Till (Dawn V Cahill)

Step Lively, Mr. Darcy Laura Hile

Sun’s Parting Ray Mishael Austin Witty

Trust Never After Sharon Sharon K Connell

Ursula’s Dream Wedding Parker J. Parker J Cole

With Every Breath (New Release) Ruth Ruth Doner O'Neil


I know. I'm Irish. So you're asking if there is a castle connected to the Connell name.
Actually, there is.
It's in ruins now, but it did exist.
I have no idea at this point if it belonged to an ancestor in my family or not, but I love it.

Castle Connell in.jpg
Castle_Connell ruins.jpg

Author of
Christian Romance Suspense Novels
Short Stories in a variety of genres
Owner and Creator of monthly newsletter,
Novel Thoughts
(See "Novel Thoughts" page for a sample of my newsletter and the subscription link)

To let me know how I'm doing after your visit to all my pages. Contact me on Twitter or Facebook.

Author’s Page on Facebook:


Tropical Leaves

Check out the...
What's New? page, at the top of this website,
for my current
Work in Progress

My Books

Be sure to take a look at each individual Book Page to read an excerpt from the story.

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Paths of Righteousness Front Book Cover.
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Sharon's Shorts SS Collection eBook Cove
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To purchase any or all of my books, go to individual book
Sneak Peek menu or


And now...
A Quick Glimpse at My Books

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In The Press

About Sharon K Connell


Member of ...

American Christian Fiction Writers

Houston Writers Guild:

CyFair Writers Group:

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Clover Leaves

My Fairy Garden

Born in Wisconsin, lived there five days until my Irish father decided to move to Chicago, Illinois, following jobs in his trade as a carpenter. There, for most of my young life, I grew up and attended school through college. In 1988, I moved to Pensacola, Florida to attend Bible school. My residence remained there for just under twenty years after graduation from Pensacola Bible Institute. However, I have visited all but six states in our beautiful country and love to mention some of my discoveries during my travels in my stories.

During my working career, I held clerical positions in the medical field and in advertising of one sort or another. In 2013, I retired from the work force and moved to Houston, Texas, where I now enjoy every minute of my writing career.

Today, my hours are spent writing stories about people who discover (as I have) that God will allow things in your life that will help you grow and/or increase your faith. I hold a certificate in fiction writing from the International Writing Program through the University of Iowa. My genre is Christian Romance Suspense in general, but I do write short stories in other genres as well.

While waiting for editing to be completed on my writing or a proof to arrive before publishing, I enjoy painting. You can see some of my artwork in The Art Gallery on this site.

Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.  Psalm 19:14

After you read the next page, you'll have to go to the "MORE" menu at the top to see the other pages in my website. Enjoy.


My Testimony

At the age of twelve, February 1958, I asked the Lord Jesus Christ to be my Savior. I’ve never been sorry that I made that decision. He has always been there for me.


There have been times in my life that I wasn’t faithful to Him, but He’s always been faithful to me. Someday, I will see him face to face. I look forward to that time. Just to be in His Presence.


Today, in everything I do, whether it’s writing or otherwise, I seek His guidance with prayer. I’ve learned through the years that it’s the best way to live. It brings peace and joy into my life. I hope you have that peace and joy.


Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. Philippians 4:6 

If you’ve never trusted my Lord Jesus Christ to save you. Do it now before it’s too late. There will be a time when that salvation is no longer available to you. Don’t take a chance.


I was a wee lost sheep when Jesus found me. I cried out to him, and He saved me. And He's kept me in the palm of His hand ever since.

Praise God!

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