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Northern Lights

Trust Never After

00TNA possible bookcover background (13.025 × 9.25 in) (3).jpg

Getting closer to the book cover I want.
Self-edits and sending chapters out on my new story to be critiqued is going well
. I've received critiques back and all is looking good.
The plan is still to have it ready for release by summer of 2023. 
So far, I'm right on schedule, loose schedule that it is.

Above is what I've worked on for the book cover. I'll continue to work on it until I'm satisfied. Would love your comments.
 The back of the book cover (left side of the picture) will have some kind of insert with the blurb and any endorsements I get, so that's the last part to be worked on. Also the spine.

Romantic Suspense with a touch of mystery set in central Minnesota


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