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Ko'olau's Secret

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Another Christian Romance Suspense 

with a load of Mystery

Kyleigh Flanagan receives a strange note from her father, an Army Major stationed on O’ahu, who says she won’t hear from him for a while. It was not like her father not to give a reason. Something wasn’t right.


When she flies to O’ahu to get answers, she discovers him missing, and even his commanding officer doesn’t know where he’s gone.


Run-ins with detectives who are following up on information her father gave them about possible criminal activity on the post cause sparks to fly…and not the good kind.


At least, not at first.

This story will be published this summer of 2021.

The tale is set on the Hawaiian Island of O'ahu.

Hope you'll look forward to reading it.

Below are pictures representing scenes you'll find in the story.

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