What's New?

Currently, I'm working on a new story to have ready for the
Christmas Holiday.

I can't say much about it yet, but it will be shorter than a novel.

And... are you ready for this?
It's a Fantasy!

I'll get back to my normal genre after the new year, but I am having fun putting this tale together.

I should be ready to give you some teasers by next month (October).

Right now, I'm submitting chapters to my ACFW Scribes critique group and they've had some good things to say about the story.

Stay tuned. 

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Amethyst Lights

A Fairytale Fantasy of Romance and Suspense

A royal village appears once every one hundred years for only seven days. Lylan and his brother from Glistineare come upon the village, but their father has warned them not to stay out past twilight on this night. Where did the village with its magnificent castle come from?

Lady Jillian has been ordered to marry the unbearable Prince Maricent of Amythaseah, who she sees as a snobbish, unfeeling royal? He's cruel, and self-centered, but what can she do?

Why does a royal village only appear once every one hundred years? What happens if someone leaves the village while it’s visible but doesn’t return before it disappears again? Can Lady Jillian avoid marriage to Prince Maricent? Find out. Available by Christmas.