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Tall Pines Sanctuary

Twenty-four year old artist Faith O’Callaghan is convinced that her grandfather's death was not an accident. But who would want to kill a kind man who never wronged anyone? Gramps left his magnificent log cabin in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to her. She’s happy to move away from the family home in a nearby town and live in the quiet solitude to paint since she and her mother have never seen eye to eye on anything. But Faith needs to find out what really happened to her beloved Gramps.


Meanwhile, Faith’s fiancé, Josiah, just discharged from the Army, hasn’t heard from Faith for six months. She won’t answer any of his correspondence. His parents, living in a town near hers, haven’t been unable to talk to her. Josiah doesn’t understand why she’s done this to him, but he plans to get to the bottom of it.


Was Gramps death really an accident as confirmed by the Sheriff’s Department? Or did someone cause his death? Will Josiah be able to reach Faith and find out what happened to make her cut off all contact with him? Is there hope for the life they’d planned together? Who is snooping around the cabin…and why?

The picture below is what I'm working on for the book cover

It may yet change

0000Adv Tall Pine Sanctuary.jpg

I've finished the first draft and am in the process of self-editing and submitting chapters to my critique team.

The plan is to have this novel ready for release this coming summer.

Watch this spot as future updates on progress are added.

The self-editing is at the halfway mark. Everything is coming along smoothly.

Who stole Gramps' medallion.png

One of my minor characters in the story.
His name is Scamper. He's sweet, but a real stinker at times.